Martha G. VanGeem, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Greater Chicago Area
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Green Technologies
Energy Efficiency
Building Science 
Materials Science
​Martha VanGeem provides a variety of services in the areas of green technologies, energy efficiency, building science, and materials science including:

Greening your material, product, or structure 
• Reducing the impact of the materials on the environment
• Reducing the energy for manufacturing and construction
• Reducing the energy use during the life of the building or structure
• Increasing service life, durability, and disaster resistance
• Reducing impact on the building site
• Reducing water usage
• Environmentally preferable products

Green building code and standard advocacy
• LEED, the IgCC, and others

Green infrastructure code and standard advocacy
• Envision and others

Energy code advocacy
• International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

Energy calculations: 
• R-value of materials, components, and systems
• Thermal properties
• Thermal mass effects
• Whole building energy analysis

Life cycle assessment (LCA):
• Life cycle inventory (LCI)
• Product category rules (PCRs)
• Environmental product declarations (EPDs)
• Third-party review 

Life cycle cost (LCC) 

Moisture mitigation 
• Investigation
• Analyses
• Placement of vapor retarder and air barrier

Training, education, and seminars
• Green buildings
• Energy efficiency
• Moisture control 

Please do not hesitate to contact Martha for other related services.